The Speakers

Speaker Information:

  • Professor Gordon Dutton - Emeritus Professor of Visual Science at Glasgow Caledonian University,  Patron and Advisor of the CVI Society. Professor Dutton is an international authority on the subject of cerebral visual impairments. He is in great demand as a speaker internationally on CVI.
  • Dr Maggie Woodhouse - Cardiff University. Maggie is an expert on  visual development in children with Downs syndrome and the eye care needs of children and adults with disabilities.  She is interested in how visual impairment affects education and daily living skills and  the impact of visual impairment on a child’s development and education
  • Rebecca Bartlett - Rebecca is Clinical Lead for Low Vision Services Wales.  Rebecca is also Clinical Lead the School Pupil Eye Care Service (SPECS) project and module lead for Cardiff University Postgraduate Optometry Low Vision Theory and Practical modules.
  • Mr Richard Bowman - Consultant Ophthalmologist Great Ormond Street, Specialising in Neuro-Ophthalmology and running CVI Research projects, Advisor to the CVI Society. Richard has been working as a consultant ophthalmologist since 2002 with particular interests in paediatric ophthalmology, paediatric cataract, strabismus, nystagmus and neuro-ophthalmology (paediatric and adult) and cerebral visual impairment.   Richard is  actively involved in teaching and training. He is  fellowship director for the Great Ormond Street Ophthalmology Department and an honorary senior lecturer at the Institute of Child Health. Having worked for many years in Africa, he  gained experience in high volume surgery and maintains a strong interest in training and service delivery in the developing world. He is a part time senior lecturer at the International Centre for Eye Health. Richard is active in clinical research and has published nearly 60 papers in peer reviewed scientific journals and speaks regularly at international meetings.
  • Suzanne Little, Trustee, The CVI Society, CVI Scotland, collaborating in CVI Research projects. Suzanne is a complex needs consultant  who has a wealth of experience in working with young people with the most complex needs.
  • Rachel Pilling - Consultant Ophthalmologist Bradford, collaborating in  CVI Research projects, CVI Society Associate.  Rachel is a consultant ophthalmologist from Bradford who specialises in paediatric ophthalmology. She was a founder member of the British Emergency Eye Care Society in 2013 and a member of the Oxford Ophthalmological Council since 2015. She has been interested in learning disability eye care for ten years after being invited to join the Royal College of Ophthalmologists Working Party in 2008.  She has since been a member and chair of the VISION2020UK Learning Disability committee, publishing guidance on eye care for learning disability for RCOphth and RCGP and developing quality standards for eye departments.  She has published widely on aspects of eye care for learning disability and is a regularly invited speaker at national event
  • John Sanders - Ex Nystagmus Network, CVI Society Associate. John Sanders has been speaking and writing about nystagmus for 30 years. Among other things he is the author of the Tales of Northwick children’s stories about nystagmus. John has nystagmus himself and spent many years as a trustee and chairman of the Nystagmus Network before becoming the charity’s development manager for nearly seven years. He has organised and spoken at nystagmus research events and is a joint editor of “The Challenge of Nystagmus”. John has also worked as a business journalist and translator. 
  • Helen St Clair Tracy - Chair of Trustees,  CVI Scotland, CVI Society Associate.   Helen is the mother to nine year old Arran who is affected severely by the CVIs, she is Chair of Trustees for CVI Scotland and an Associate of the CVI Society.  Helen  will be speaking about CVI and behaviours, sharing different experiences many people have shared with her, and suggesting both explanations for the behaviours and practical strategies to help.
  • Debra Westgate - Advanced Independent Occupational Therapist, Sensory West Ltd, Debra is  an Advanced Children’s Occupational Therapist and a member of the Sensory Integration Network and the Association of Child and Adolescent Mental Health.  She works as aconsultant for the National Autistic Society and as an Independent Practitioner. She  specialises in working with children who have sensory integration difficulties affecting behaviour, self care and access to education.
  • Cathy Williams,  Consultant Ophthalmologist, Bristol, Specialising in Neuro-Ophthalmology and running CVI Research projects. See to find out more about a major project she is involved in at present.
  • Last but far from least:
  • Sophie Tennison and Art Oakes, CVI Society Young Ambassadors.
  • A parent of  a child with CVIs.

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