An adult with CVIs has told us that they found it very difficult when trying to use a suitcase.

As they put it, "I couldn't make it work, it is all dark coloured and I couldn't see the black zips."

This may seem a small thing, something which those who don't have CVIs would not have to think about at all, but is very frustrating for those who struggle to 'see'.

What might Help?

If you are lucky you may find a suitcase with a high contrast coloured zip (unfortunately, they seem to be more commonly aimed at children's luggage).

Failing that, if possible, learning to locate the zip using touch to first find the part of the case where the zip is. Then possibly attaching something brightly coloured and small to the zip fastener. A small keyring or any other safe small item which could be attached to make the zip easier to find.

CVI Society

The CVI Society is entirely run by people giving up their spare time to share information and support others.

If you can provide funds for the things we cannot get for free then you can help us to help others.