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Iceland Adventure

Life has been very busy since my last blog. In February I visited Iceland with school, it was very cold but I had a great time. It was the first time I had flown by myself and I was very nervous about the busy airport and I do not like flying, my teachers and friends were great and supported me through it all. We saw the Northern Lights which was really cool and got to go in the Blue Lagoon and cover ourselves in mud masks. The hardest part was going up the glacier as it was difficult to judge the ice and I kept going over on my ankles. I wish now I had put brightly coloured laces on the walking boots as I find this really helps with my trainers and running.

Duke of Edinburgh Practice Run

I have also completed my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh practice expedition with my friends. I loved the camping and being out with my friends but hated carrying the heavy load. My friends supported me with walking over the different surfaces and guided me on uneven ground. The map reading however was disastrous as I could not see it. However I could use google maps on my iPhone to help me with this, but I could not put in a route guide as this would be cheating, I just looked at my current location. This is where technology has been my biggest help and I do not know what I would do without my phone or iPad.

Update on Spotty

Unfortunately earlier this year my horse had an operation and I have just started bringing him back into work. Luckily I have been riding someone else's horse in this time, which has been great fun. I do not know what I would have done without this as I find riding and being around the horse a great stress reliever. I have been practising show jumping courses with my mum, she uses brightly coloured poles which really helps. We plan courses and then as I go round she shouts the colours of the fence I need to jump and tells me when I need to take off as I find this difficult to judge.

I have also been using some great new Apps

  • Roll the Ball
  • Wordscapes
  • Slices
  • FireBalls 3D
  • House Paint
  • Tiny cars
  • AMAZE!
  • 4Pics1Word

These all help me with my vision, but also challenge my brain!!!

For Christmas I also got a MacBook Air, which has really helped me with my school work especially my art projects sizing pictures for my sketch book. It means I can use it more in school if I need it and staff can email me work if it is difficult to adapt. I can use the online textbook both on my Mac and iPAD, which I can enlarge so I can feel included in lessons.

I hope this helps other people like me and makes you try to do things that you may think are beyond you, but you can do it with help.

Spotty's Rider

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