Spotty’s Rider

Our new blogger, Spotty's Rider tells us about things which they have found helpful to improve their vision


I have CVI, I was diagnosed with it when I was 11 years old. The reason for my CVI is that when I was inside my mum, I was deprived of oxygen and so have PVL (periventricular leukomalacia) a type of brain damage. Ever since I found out I have challenged myself to improve my vision, I would like to share with you some of the strategies I use.

I find my phone helps me a lot. I can use it to take photos of text when I can not see it and then zoom in so it is big enough. This helps me read instructions on packets and also menus in restaurants. I also have lots of apps on my phone that help me with moving objects. They may not work for everyone but I have found them really helpful. Some of these are:

Crossy road
Temple run
Subway surf
Spot it- Dobble as an app
Block puzzle
Colouring in activities- recolour
Basket ball
Jumpy horse
Jelly jump
Block! Hexa
Rolly vortex
Helix jump
Twisty arrow
Spot the difference- range of apps
Word searches- range of apps

I also use Snapchat and Instagram to stay in touch with my friends.

On the X Box Kinect I also play Kinect sports, Just Dance, Kinect adventures with my family and friends. These can be really hard but also lots of fun.

The other games I have, or as a family we created that have helped me are:

Dobble- we now have 2 versions of this which are different
Snap- range of different versions
Jigsaws- as long the pieces aren't too small and the picture has to be clear and colourful
Cheese on Wheels game- first one in the family to shout 'cheese on wheels' when we spot a yellow car when we are driving.
Mini- spot the mini driving down the road and punch the person next to you- this helps as they can be any colour so it is harder, but you can get a sore arm if you don't spot it first!
New Reg game- this is when a new registration year is released we try and see how many we can see in a day. This is really hard!!!
Throwing a brightly coloured ball backwards and forwards when we are sitting down, on a walk, playing in the garden.

Finally one of the biggest things that helps me and relaxes me is riding my horse Spotty. He is amazing and challenges me to do more, like show jumping and dressage competitions. These are both very scary and I get very nervous, but I know I can trust him and my teacher Katie, as she shouts the dressage instructions so I can do my test. She also stands in the show jumping ring shouting and pointing out the colour of the fences as I can not see the numbers. With this help I have been placed in many competitions and even come first, which has boosted my confidence.

I hope this helps other people with CVIs.

Spotty's Rider

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