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Hi my name is Sophie. I am an ambassador for the CVI Society. So yes I have CVI but that is not the most interesting thing about me. It's just an identity that I have. One of the many identities I have. I've been asked to write a blog for the CVI Society, I also have my own blog if you want to check it out. Sneaky promo. Some of you might know I made a speech at the 2016 CVI Society convention and if you missed it, you missed a gem, and me plugging my blog to literally everyone in that room!

I am, I guess you could call a budding thespian, I am currently in the process of applying for Chickenshed which for anyone who doesn't know, no it's not a place to build chicken sheds, its a performing arts college but also a running theatre. What's special is that Chickenshed is as inclusive as they come. They don't believe in excluding people based on what they can't do but focusing on what they can do and what they can become. I had an open evening on Thursday at Chickenshed, which although I had to leave early and miss the opportunity to see their production, (which I must say sounded really cool) because otherwise I would have got home at around 12am, and I had my weekly drama group the next morning and we are ourselves putting on a show so needed to be there to do a full run through.

Yes I am visually impaired so going for auditions is all the more nerve wracking when you walk into the waiting room and people kind of look you up and down as if to say 'how does that work' when looking at me and my long cane. I've had 2 auditions now, National Youth Theatre and West End MT. I don't know whether I got in, highly unlikely because they have hundreds and thousands apply. But I want to show I am capable. Don't define me by my disability or what you think I should be like. And auditions are part and parcel of acting so I'd better get used to it. If you said to me that I would be doing this a couple of years ago, well I would have laughed because I'd have never have done it. As I had little or no confidence. Just to go is an achievement for me. If I don't get in? - their loss. I'll be back next time. I did all I could do at the time.

When I went to the auditions though I let them know about my vision, and they were all lovely. I want people to treat me the same. I can do most things, if I can't I just adapt to things. I have lived with my sight for 18 years so I'm a pro at how to deal with it.

My two dream theatre roles are Elphaba (from Wicked) because who doesn't want to be green and Veronica Sawyer from Heathers. Because Heathers the musical is legitimately my favourite thing ever. There are talks and plans for it to come to the West End, so y'know. Google "Heathers the Musical" and watch videos of Barrett Wilbert Weed ( Yeah I know her name is amazing!) in it because I want to be her. But also the movie is so good. Winona Ryder is so good in it. She's also in Stranger Things which is another must watch, and is now one of my acting influences. I might write something about my acting influences and acting and sight loss and wanting to be an actress.

Okay so I am not just all about acting and singing and trying to dance. I love books which is always fun when I go to my local bookstore and I have my cane. People kind of take a double look. I'm very proud of my ability to read as I know a lot of people with sight loss/ CVI need books adapted or use audio books. I myself can read an ordinary book. I'm not the fastest reader though so I guess that might be a slight downside. As you can tell I watch a lot of tv and movies.

This is just a small (haha if you have read up to this point you can sense the irony) introduction to me. So I hope this makes sense.


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