Robin blogs about Difficulties In Science Lessons

Science Lessons

Robin tells us about their experience of science lessons

In my science class at my old school I had to balance on a tall stool while concentrating which I find very difficult and I felt disturbed. I was interested and I wanted to learn but I made a lot of mistakes because I can't balance and concentrate as well. I felt that I would've done better If I hadn't had to balance as well. I didn't feel very happy and I was dizzy.

Good seating stability is important in all lessons. Seating where feet can be placed squarely on the floor, on a seat which supports the back and is the right size to allow the person to position legs correctly and comfortably. If recording work is to take place, it should allow arms to be placed at right angles to the body on work surfaces. This ensures a person feels 'safe' and 'grounded'.

Science labs may be problematic for many young people, not only those with CVIs, as often tall stools are used for seating around work benches, where it is very difficult to keep feet on the ground unless one is tall. A tall seat with a back rest might have ensured that Robin was much more able to focus and enjoy the lesson, rather than all their energies being taken up on trying to maintain good posture and balance.

Good seating and posture counts in all lessons! It facilitates focus and attention and prevents needless waste of mental energy trying to maintain balance and posture.

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