Molly blogs about studying throughout COVID 19 with CVIs

I have now finished my second year at university, where I am studying Psychology. My course is applied psychology which means that everything we study can be applied and related to real-world situations and events. This also helps apply the knowledge we learn to people and their life situations. I have one year left until I graduate. I will graduate next summer around June time.

Due to the pandemic, my whole university experience changed from first year to second year, in that the whole year has been online. This meant that we could not go to lectures, workshops, or seminars on campus at all. However, we were allowed to book out places in the library if we needed a quiet space to learn or special equipment or software to use. I personally stayed at home for a while and in November I moved into student accommodation near me so I could have my own space to learn and stay independent.

In terms of university work, we used Microsoft Teams for seminars and had recorded lectures which were uploaded to our student area, Student central. This was where all of our resources like books and articles are kept each year. In my opinion, the university did a very good job and it helped me gain in confidence to speak more in seminars and continue learning effectively. You had the option to use your microphone or the chat box to say what you were thinking which was really useful. Teams is also accessible to everyone, and I coped fine with it in terms of my vision.

I found the workload quite challenging to keep up with this year compared to last but that is expected as there is more content to get through, plus the pandemic put a lot more strain on all of us and increased our tiredness a lot, which may have impacted how efficient we were in terms of completing our work. This meant that my grades are all over the place across my assessments in each one of my modules, which I think represents how the year has gone quite well.

Overall, I would say my CVIs have not been too affected by studying while COVID has been with us as I have used all my resources to full advantage - rewatched lectures for example to help take the information in. I would say it's been a year to reflect on my experience with academia as well. I think I have decided to take a year out after graduating, to work and get to know different kinds of jobs and careers. Then possibly go back into education and complete a Masters degree in a more specific area of psychology which I have enjoyed.

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