Meet Hannah Burnley, our new Associate

Hannah works as a QTVI (Qualified Teacher of Children with Vision Impairments) in Leeds, Yorkshire.

Anyone who attended the last CVI Society Convention in Bristol will remember Hannah speaking about the work she has been doing alongside Suzanne Little, one of our Trustees.

Hannah's role in the Leeds team is to oversee and have responsibilities for children with complex needs and a vision impairment, many of whom have CVIs.

Hannah has a large city wide caseload of children with CVIs and complex needs and her passion is working with complex needs learners, and is undertaking research alongside Suzanne on the use of colour tents within specialist settings.
Hannah is keen to develop CVI friendly environments in schools, something she spoke about last November at the convention, having worked on projects previously which have shown fantastic impact and difference to children with complex needs and CVIs.

We are delighted to welcome Hannah to our team!

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