CVI Project - University of Bristol - Views of Families and Young People with CVI Wanted

A very important study is being carried out by a team at Bristol University. We hope that as many families of children with CVI, and where appropriate young people with CVI will contact them and take part, in order to ensure that your voices are heard.

This is about what would help you in anyway and also things which maybe have proved unhelpful, in all aspects of your daily life.

Please share with anyone else who may benefit from taking part in the study.

Please read what the team are planning below.

New CVI research study - your experience counts. We are researchers at the University of Bristol and we'd like to speak with children and young people with CVI and their families (parents/carers/siblings) about their experiences and daily life. The study hopes to find out about things in life that are troubling for children and young people with CVI and their families. We want to know about things that help and things that don't.

We will use this information to help decide what are the most important things to measure in research studies about CVI, and to help develop effective interventions for supporting children with CVI.

If you have a child with CVI we'd like to invite you to take part in an interview with a researcher. We can do this by phone or video call or, where practical, we can meet face to face either at your home or child's school.

With your permission the researcher will audio record the interview (the recording will be destroyed after analysis).The interview will take about half an hour. The recording will be anonymous and any quotes we use will not be identifiable.

Taking part is totally up to you, but if you'd like more information or an informal chat first please do get in touch.
We are always happy to hear from you and can be reached by phone on 07970816074

or email at

Hope to hear from you soon!

Cathy, Trudy and Rose (the studyteam)

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