Our young blogger Robin’s second ’snippet’.

Robin describes a strategy which helps them to focus, learn and retain information.

"I have started using eye shades for listening comprehensions and maths. I find this useful because I can get more pictures in my mind. When I don't use eye shades I don't get clear pictures and it makes it harder to follow complicated stories and math problems. The trouble is all the things in the room can block my imagination and I can't get clear images that I can work with in my mind."

Why does this help?

By blocking out all other visual clutter by using a sleep shade/mask, Robin gains the freedom to focus and learn more effectively. For them, this has proved a really successful strategy. Others who may find this helpful can be some with cerebral visual impairment that prevents them looking at people as the same time as talking to them, because they find that the mental crowding of both looking at a face and listening to the voice is often overwhelming. Whilst it may not be practicable to wear a sleep shade/mask when in a school setting, when tackling work at home that requires concentration, it may at times be a useful strategy to try, provided it is approached carefully. In school, encouraging the affected child as a wider strategy, to briefly close their eyes when thinking and problem solving, could prove beneficial for many, not just children with CVIs. This approach also has the advantage of not singling out the child with CVI.

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