Alfie Fox Unique Art Awards Winner!

Alfie Fox on his way to the Unique Arts Awards Event

Alfie Fox is very much appreciated at the CVI Society. Alfie was one of our trustee's 'lightbulb' moments re. CVIs and you could say he is the reason we exist. We follow his progress with great interest.

Alfie has made two films about how CVIs affect him. The first one 'How I see' opened our very first convention back in 2015.

You can watch Alfie's films here:

You can read two more articles about Alfie in our 'CVI in Reality' section here:

Alfie Fox, Award Winner

Alfie entered the Unique Art Awards which is run by the Mouth and Foot Painters Artists to recognise young disabled artists.

There were 300 applicants this year with 30 children and young people selected as finalists.

Alfie won the Digital Art Special Gold Award for his staircase photograph. Then he scooped the top prize across all the categories and age ranges winning the overall Gold Award.

Read more about the awards here:

Alfie's Winning Entry

Alfie's winning entry is a very powerful image.

Alfie's Award

What else is Alfie doing?

Alfie is currently working on digital sound art for his gold art award and working on his portfolio to study film at Leeds City College.

He has also been working hard on campaigning for better access at his local hospital as one of the Scope for Change Ambassadors.

He met with 2 senior hospital officials last week to look at the audits they had undertaken in response to Alfie's campaign and to hear how they will be adapting the facilities to ensure access for those with physical disabilities and visual impairment especially CVIs, including their use of contrast in the hospital environment.

Well done Alfie, you are an inspiration to other young people with CVIs and their families.

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