Whose Normality Is It Anyway?

In an age when individuality and difference is supposed to be something which is accepted, indeed celebrated, could the reality for many, be far from the truth? Does the often 'hidden' disability of cerebral visual impairment (CVI) need to be considered in this context? In education, great emphasis is, in theory, placed on removing barriers to learning, be they educational, physical, social or emotional. To be able to do this it is essential to reject one's personal view of what is 'normal' if we are to truly help those with CVI to achieve their potential. After all, for someone born with CVI the world is 'normal' to them, they do not understand that we may 'see' and experience the world differently.

One must learn as much as possible, about how CVI may be affecting the view of the world that those affected experience and seek to imagine it from their point of view. One must observe their behaviours, talk to their families or care givers and educators and then from what we know, try and come to an understanding of the world as the child may be experiencing it. If one truly understands CVI it is apparent that a 'top down' approach to learning is rarely helpful. Only by starting from knowledge of the child can one begin to support them so that they may experience a less anxious world, be happy and benefit from suitably tailored learning experiences. Then the only way is up!

We believe that this is possible for every child, no matter how severely they may be affected. Opening our minds to this prospect begins the process of empowering children with CVI and their families. We are all 'normal', don't exclude children with CVI by imposing a different 'normality' of others upon them. Embrace their normality! The consequences will be potentially life changing, in the best possible way, for those affected by CVI.

CVI Society

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