Visual function subtyping in children with early onset cerebral visual impairment

The results are now published of research undertaken by Hanna Sakki as part of her PhD working with Richard Bowman, Jenefer Sargent, Roopen Kukadia and Naomi Dale at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).

To quote the article: 'This study is the first, to the authors' knowledge, to establish an empirical data driven subgrouping method for visual functions in school aged children with suspected or diagnosed CVI. The sampling decisions aimed to include the wide range of possible presenting visual symptoms, including children who were at the higher end of functioning and who had suspected or confirmed CVI.'

Most telling was the confirmation that many of the children who took part in the study, had normal or mild to moderate visual acuity (clarity of vision) reduction and may be missed as having visual problems in education, often struggling to access support. You can access the study findings here:

On behalf of the people we support, we are very grateful that this research was carried out and that evidence gathered will help the drive to ensure that children access appropriate support as early as possible.

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