I.D and Eye Liner

One controversial area of nystagmus involves visual fields. Current visual field tests suggest that people with nystagmus often have a normal field of vision. However, this appears to be at odds with the lived experience of those of us with a null zone.

For example, if you have a null zone to the left (and therefore have your best vision on that side) you're far more likely to recognise a friend you walk past on your left in the street. If the same friend passes you on the right hand side, you may be aware of someone passing by, but will be hard pressed to tell their gender let alone identify them.

There are lots of other situations where trying to do things or look at people on our "bad side" is awkward to impossible. If you get the chance, ask adults with a null zone about the challenges of putting on make-up, shaving, trying to talk to people on your "wrong side". Fixed seating plans at events like weddings can be a real nightmare.

CVI Society

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