’Opening Doors’ Part 13

Use of the tent within a busy classroom

The tent acts like a 'little room' and cuts out any clutter of sound and visual stimuli and so has the possibility of creating a place of focus for children with severe brain damage. Even in noisy classrooms this can still create a quiet space and have the effect of enabling a child with limited use of vision to engage with visual awareness, often for the first time.The tent can provide a meaningful sensory experience for a child who has been viewed as being unresponsive or only involved in self stimulatory behaviour. These children rely upon the support of adults and are constantly having things done to them in terms of care and sensory experience. Time out in a colour tent can provide an opportunity to empower the child with complex needs, giving them some control in awareness of their world. It can be a way of "opening the door to the mind" and to an awareness of the immediate environment that has not been experienced before.

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