’Opening Doors’ Part 12

Curriculum Rationale for Activities

Curriculum activities are provided to help provide insight into 'Seeing the world from another perspective' for children with complex needs and CVIs. Children with complex needs due to cerebral damage can enjoy life and learn if given uncluttered sensory stimulus.

A colour tent can be an optimal and meaningful sensory environment for children with complex needs and CVIs. It can provide a place to allow time to process information and give quality of life and learning.

Use of a colour tent avoids sensory overload for children with complex needs and enables visual awareness and visual attention in a meaningful and appropriate environment, using one stimulus at a time. It is also possible to include tent work within personalised learning. For example if a team approach is used to share information within a multidisciplinary assessment framework as a basis for planning, it is helpful to include the tent as part of the child's visual and sensory programme, which involves physical positioning, providing comfort, and stimulating cognition and communication.

For a long term learning process the following can be provided

Ongoing recording and assessment with video and photographic evidence in a PowerPoint time line.

Timetable: individualised visual awareness building in time slots within the curriculum.

Daily timetable if possible, for colour tent observation sessions using recording
(periodically including video) to observe changes of responses which can be
built upon.

CVI Society

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