Gordon Dutton’s Poem

Working together (read by Gordon Dutton, audio link below).

I have a good friend who has CVI
And I'd like to do all that I can
To help them to learn and to have a good time
And overcome how it began

So how can I do this, and do it so well
That everything falls into place?
So learning's enabled and matched to all needs
And everything learned, is embraced.

In essence it's simple, not hard to explain
As everything needs to be seen.
It needs to be heard and simplified well,
So that learning takes place like a dream.

So what we need do, to bring this about
Is make sure that there aren't learning blocks.
One cannot learn from what is not seen
But to see, hear and master, unlocks...

...the learning potential that most people have
To gain independence and more
To gain information, make friends and move well
To empower and release what's in store.

All can learn best when they're happy and calm
With emotions that can be controlled
So pattern and noise are cut down when we can
And reactive outcomes can't take hold

Sights and sounds when unknown and things that approach
Can give rise to great fear in a child
Visits and trips at quiet times are the rule
And then these exposures are mild

The dimension of time is the next to think through
Is my speech slow enough to be heard?
Is my facial expression to quick to be seen?
Are my gestures quite clear, not absurd?

The dimensions of space are next to address.
Things too small or too far are not seen.
A cluttered scenario soon overwhelms.
But when clutter's removed things are seen.

One thing at a time is the rule for some folk
Who can't function when two things are shown
Words that describe what the child has just seen
Lets things that are new become known.

One needs to seek out motivational stuff
With pursuits where the child can excel
By making quite sure that each step is achieved
We ensure that each child can do well.

We know now quite well that the brain can adapt
But can only do this if it's readied
By learning the steps, each one at a time
So the process of learning is steadied

Work with the child's team by common assent
And share information so well
That everyone knows the position they're at
So what's next is as clear as a bell.

To parent a child who has CVI
Is more than a challenge, we know
When it all feels too much and everything's bleak
You may think "A poem?"... "No, no!"

Complexity can overwhelm everyone
And make one feel one cannot cope
So, one step at a time is the way to move on
And to give all the family hope

So the recipe is to see as they see
And make sure that one hears as they hear
With each day anew living life to the full
Full of life, love and laughter, and cheer!

Gordon DuttonGordon Dutton

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