Opening Doors Part 8

Visual Extension

In this area we are planning, if possible, to extend the use of vision from being receptive to purposeful. This means that functions of vision are being extended for a purpose.

Building upon the prior experience developed through repetition and consistent responses, It may prove possible to aim for purposeful use of vision:

For example:


The child may visually locate a large, brightly coloured object or a light source (such as a torch), or have a visual preference for a particular light source for example in the Multi-sensory room or in the classroom. This could include visual location, fixing and tracking the movement of a light source.

Localisation and Guidance of Reach:

For some children it may become possible to locate and be supported to, or possibly independently, reach out to find a light object or reflective object, for example a light reflection on a silver space blanket.


Ali's case study is an example of how with repetition she became more attentive to the world around her and began to develop her communication interactions by clapping for more and in using her vocalisations and communication aid in social interaction.

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