How can I help my child and encourage them to respond to visual stimulation?

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  • Notice what lighting conditions your child prefers, some prefer darkened areas and some brighter ones.
  • Understand that attention can only be given to one or two things – often only one thing at a time.
  • Ensure they are comfortable, comfort helps attention.
  • Eliminate background sounds and other distractions.
  • Use one object at a time and not many in total – less really is more!
  • Provide a meaningful experience at the right speed – use the KISS principle! (Keep It Slow and Simple).
  • Give your child favourite objects to begin with then watch and wait – most of all give them time to respond – don't be tempted to 'fill the space'.
  • Remember responses will vary – tiredness, ill health will all make a difference.
  • Remember your child will be working very hard processing information and will tire easily –small activities, little and often works best.
  • Your child will also find it easier to process visually, when they are not required to look at busy backgrounds, plain is best, therefore try to ensure that items/toys are placed on plain, high contrast backgrounds so they are more easily recognised and processed by the brain – again, allow your child lots of time to respond. Remember they may look, then look away before returning to the item.
  • Give your child the opportunity to handle lots of different textured toys and objects.

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